Why Choose OneSource Employer Services?

Business owners have several choices regarding the administration of their employees. Some business owners choose to handle employee administration internally or outsource their payroll to a payroll service. Others prefer to outsource their entire employee administrative burden or responsibilities to OneSource.The “Co-Employer” relationship requires that OneSource be available to assist clients every time they contact us. We deliver prompt, courteous service and accurate, timely payrolls. We provide assistance with human resource issues including labor disputes, wrongful termination, employee performance reviews and harassment issues. We provide customized employee handbooks and safety manuals for our clients. Other Professional Employer Organization’s (PEO’s) claim to have the same products and services that OneSource offers. What really distinguishes OneSource from our competitors is our experience and our philosophical approach to doing business.

With OneSource, you will:

  1. Receive invoices that detail and break out every area of cost including FICA, Medicare, FUTA, SUTA, Workers’ Compensation premiums, benefits premiums and our Administrative Fee. No bundled costs or hidden charges, only full disclosure with OneSource.
  2. Receive on a quarterly basis, a letter certifying from a renowned CPA firm, that all taxes, premiums and other monies received from clients have been paid to appropriate agencies and vendors. Once a month, OneSource has authorized an audit of our accounting practices to assure our clients that their funds are being properly managed and appropriated.
  3. Receive a Quarterly newsletter that updates our clients on important human resource topics and statutory employee administrative legal changes.
  4. Have phone calls, emails or other inquiries answered promptly with any assistance you may require to solve or satisfy your needs or problems.
  5. Deal personally with the owners of OneSource to customize benefits programs and other needs, to insure the best possible employee administrative program for your business.