Should Your Business Outsource Payroll and Human Resources?

As a small business owner do you really want to, or better yet, do you know how to handle employee administrative tasks? Most entrepreneurs have great talent and sometimes try to manage complex employee processes without realizing the costs and potential liabilities they are incurring.

Some business owners try to manage human resources that include payroll, benefits, mandatory record keeping and risk management with a single in-house employee or trust their valuable business to a payroll service alone. Both of these solutions are limited and may leave a business vulnerable to several potential liability issues.

Consider the cost and the process of hiring one employee. Advertising, interviewing, mandatory paperwork, “E-Verification,” background investigation, drug testing, employee orientation and file creation. That’s just the beginning. The way to eliminate these non-revenue producing tasks is to “Outsource.”

For a fraction of your current costs your company can save valuable time and money and protect yourself against employee liability issues. Contact OneSource today for your free “Human Resource Assessment” and quote/proposal to see if outsourcing makes sense for your business.